Dragee cranberries

In the production of cranberries in powdered sugar dragees, cranberries are not heat-treated, and the finished product does not contain preservatives, dyes and other chemical components or additives. In finished products, cranberries are presented intact, retaining their natural appearance and all useful components (vitamins, microelements and organic acids) accumulated during the ripening period.

Chocolate glazed cranberries

Sweets are different – there are sweets that are good for your health. Due to the completely natural composition, dragees in chocolate glaze are as useful as possible. They are a worthy alternative to other confectionery products.

Cranberries in candy

Delicious and healthy at the same time, an original gift for friends and family. Cranberries in candy, which is the reason for unforgettable happy moments that make our life brighter.

Tartlets with berry marmalade

No GMO, no colorants, no preservatives. Contains oligofructose. Oligofructose – food fiber, a prebiotic that helps to normalize the intestinal microflora, improve work digestive system.

Berry marmalades

Marmalade is a sweet delicacy made from juice and pulp with the addition of agar-agar thickener, which contains an antioxidant and oligofructose. Oligofructose is a dietary fiber that contributes to the normalization of intestinal microflora, improves the functioning of the digestive system. It is a great addition to a light breakfast or afternoon tea.

Crushed berries

Crushed berries are a healthy and natural product. Contain a number of vitamins and minerals,
beneficial to health. The berry is well suited for cooking and preventive purposes.

Natural syrups

Natural berry syrup can be an interesting addition to your festive table, and they also have several fields of application, such as cooking, nutrition and traditional medicine.

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