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Cranberry Dragee

Where can I buy?

In the production of “Cranberry in powdered sugar” dragee, the cranberries are not cooked, and the finished products do not contain preservatives, dyes and other chemical components or additives. In the finished product, cranberry berries are presented intact, preserving their natural appearance and all the beneficial components (vitamins, trace elements and organic acids) accumulated during the ripening period.

Cranberries in icing sugar with cardamom and cinnamon
Cranberries in cinnamon sugar powder
Cranberries in powdered sugar
Cranberries in icing sugar with cocoa powder
Cranberries in Ginger Sugar Powder

Cranberries in chocolate glaze

Where can I buy?

Sweets are different – there are sweets that are good for health. Due to the all-natural composition of the dragee in chocolate glaze, the most useful. They are a worthy alternative to other confectionery products.


Cranberries in candy

Where can I buy?

Delicious and at the same time healthy, original gift, for friends and relatives – cranberries in sweets, which is the reason for unforgettable happy moments that make our lives brighter.

Set of candies

Berry Fruit Jelly

Where can I buy?

Marmalade is a sweet delicacy obtained from juice and pulp with the addition of a thickener agar-agar which contains antioxidant and oligofructose. Oligofructose dietary fiber, contributing to the normalization of intestinal microflora, improves the functioning of the digestive system. This is a great addition to a light breakfast or afternoon tea.

Cranberry fruit jelly and fruit jelly
Cowberry fruit jelly-fruit jelly marmalade

Crushed berries

Where can I buy?

Crushed berries are a useful and natural product. Contains a number of vitamins and trace elements that are beneficial to health. Berry is well suited for cooking and in preventive purposes.

Sliced ​​lingonberries with sugar
Cranberry crushed special with sugar
Raspberry crushed special with sugar
Special crushed blueberries with sugar

Natural syrups

Where can I buy?

Natural berry syrup can be an interesting addition to your holiday table, they also have several uses, such as cooking, dietology and traditional medicine.

Natural lingonberry syrup
Natural blueberry syrup
Natural raspberry syrup
Cranberry syrup natural