Dragee cranberries

strengthen the immune system

Cranberries in powdered sugar with cardamom and cinnamon

No harmful additives

Cranberries in powdered sugar with cinnamon

Only from fresh
and wild cranberries

Cranberries in powdered sugar

Made from natural ingredients

Cranberries in powdered sugar with cocoa powder

Helps to be slim

Cranberries in powdered sugar with ginger

Cranberries in powdered sugar with orange

CRANBERRY in chocolate glaze

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A selection of true gourmets

Excellent quality ingredients

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Chocolate glazed cranberries with peanuts

Cranberries in chocolate glaze with coconut

CRANBERRY in sweets

Does not contain chemical substitutes or dyes

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Made with garden cranberries

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No GMOs and dyes

Tartlets with marmalade

Contains oligofructose

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marmalade-dessert of cranberries​​

Marmalade-dessert of blueberries​

marmalade-dessert made of LINGONBERRIES

marmalade-dessert of raspberries​

Berry marmalades

Lingonberry fruit jelly

Cranberry fruit jelly

Lingonberry fruit jelly

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Used gelling component


Cranberry fruit jelly

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Gentle heat treatment

Crushed berries

The natural benefits of berries are preserved

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Lingonberry crushed special with sugar

Cranberry crushed special with sugar

Raspberry crushed special with sugar

Blueberry crushed special with sugar

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The dry matter index is not less than 68%

Natural syrups

freshly squeezed fruit juice and sugar

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Lingonberry syrup

Cranberry syrup

Raspberry syrup

Blueberry syrup

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Vitamin PP

How is the product useful?

Cranberry is a wild-growing berry, a source of a huge natural set of chemical elements with a unique spatial structure of molecules that cannot be copied or repeated during artificial synthesis.


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Vitamins B
(B1, B2, B5, B6)

Potassium and


Vitamin C

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Reviews about our products

We protect swamps
and do not harm
the environment.

Commercial offer

ODO PKF “Arzhanitsa” is a small manufacturing enterprise with a private form of ownership, since 1996 specializes in the production of food products.

All manufactured products are made to order and have maximum terms for their sale to customers.

Firm “Arzhanitsa” offers whole berries of forest cranberries, which we “dressed” for you in delicious casings and made many healthy treats for adults and children. Make sure for yourself that the products of our company do not contain preservatives, dyes, flavors and other artificial ingredients.

Dragee “Cranberries in powdered sugar”, sweets “Cranberries in chocolate glaze with peanuts or coconut”, a set of sweets “Zhuravinka”, “Special crushed fruits”, “Natural unsterilized syrups” revive the dignity of natural food!

All manufactured products have a Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Union) for serial production in the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland dated December 08, 2011, food products with the CN 1704 code (dragees, layered marmalades) are not included in the list of goods subject to border sanitary control of the European Union.

Contact us

ODO PKF “Arzhanitsa”
UNP 300021436; OKPO 14409603
Republic of Belarus, 211800,
Vitebsk region, Glubokoe,
Dzerzhinsky str., 19/2
Tel./fax: 8 (02156) 5-73-46;
Accounting: 8 (02156) 5-73-44
Director: Brilyonok Vasily Anatolyevich
+375 (29) 719-17-93 – VIBER / TELEGRAM / WHATSAPP
+375 (29) 612-61-55