Cranberry Dragee

Where can I buy?
We strengthen immunity
Cranberries in icing sugar with cardamom and cinnamon
Does not contain harmful additives
Cranberries in cinnamon sugar powder
Only from fresh wild cranberries
Cranberries in powdered sugar
From natural ingredients
Cranberries in icing sugar with cocoa powder
Helps to be slim
Cranberries in Ginger Sugar Powder

Cranberries in chocolate glaze

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Excellent quality ingredients
Treats for real gourmets

Cranberries in candy

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Does not contain chemical substitutes and dyes
Made from garden large-fruited cranberries
Set of candies

Berry Fruit Jelly

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Used gelling component AGAR-AGAR
Cranberry fruit jelly and fruit jelly
Contains oligofructose
Cowberry fruit jelly-fruit jelly marmalade

Natural syrups

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Natural raspberry syrup
Dry matter index not less than 68%
Cranberry syrup natural
It consists of only two components: freshly squeezed juice of berries and sugar
Natural lingonberry syrup
Natural blueberry syrup

What is useful product?

Cranberry is a wild-growing berry, the source of a huge natural set of chemical elements with a unique spatial structure of molecules, which is not possible to copy or repeat during artificial synthesis.

Where can I buy?
Vitamin PP
Vitamins B (B1, B2, B5, B6)
Vitamin C
Potassium and tannins

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We protect the swamps and do not harm the environment.
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News of our company

Modernization of the packing unit for finished products.

In the summer of 2017, the issue of increasing the productivity of the packaging unit for finished products became acute. The engineering co...

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Implemented energy-efficient technology for drying dragees.

In the fall of 2017, the engineering and technical staff of the Arzhanitsa firm designed, designed and purchased the innovative Ebeko K-12 d...

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Launched into production a new type of confectionery products: “Berry fruit jelly”!

Launched into production a new type of confectionery products: “Berry fruit jelly”! At the beginning of April 2016, a line of jelly-fruit...

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A new heat shrinkable label has been introduced for special crushed berries with sugar and unsterilized natural syrups.

In developing the design, emphasis was placed on maximum openness to the buyer of the contents of the can.

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Commercial offer

ALC PKF “Arzhanitsa” – a small manufacturing enterprise with a private form of ownership, since 1996 specializes in the production of food.

All manufactured products are made to order and have the maximum time for its implementation to customers.

The firm Arzhanitsa offers whole berries of the forest cranberries, which we “dressed” for you into delicious shells and made many useful delicacies for adults and children. Make sure that there are no preservatives, colors, flavors and other artificial ingredients in our products.

Cranberries in powdered sugar dragee, Cranberries in chocolate coating with peanuts or coconut candies, a set of Zhuravinka candies, special crushed fruits, unsterilized natural syrups, revive the advantages of natural food!

All manufactured products have a Declaration of Conformity of the Customs Union (Eurasian Economic Union) for mass production in the Republic of Belarus.

In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Poland dated “08” December 2011, food products with code CN 1704 are not included in the list of goods subject to border sanitary inspection of the European Union.